NCKU,Office of General Affairs

NCKU,Office of General Affairs

The Office of General Affairs is establish not only to enhance the quality of teaching, to improve guidance methods, to pursue outstanding academic researches, but also to support administrative businesses, all of which are essential and indispensable to the university. Based on the responsibility to innovate administrative skills, enhance staff efficiency, improve the teaching and researching environments, and offer better services to the staff and students at NCKU, the Office of General Affairs is trying its best to simplify the administrational procedures, to streamline the administration of the manpower, to computerize the administration task, to economize the cost, and to offer a complete and integrated support and service. The Office is composed of the General Affairs division, purchasing division, property management division, construction and maintenance division, and many different types of committees. All of them are responsible for dealing with different general affairs and related items. Currently, the Office General Affairs is headed by Jan,Chyan-Deng, professor of the Department of  Hydraulic Ocean Engineering.






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